Edward 4Lokohands

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8 Responses to Edward 4Lokohands

  1. Peter Seligman says:

    Excellent drawing. You should draw more people.

  2. Molly Seligman says:

    This is too amazing.

  3. t says:

    What Tina said

  4. T, Tina, Molly – your next 4Loko is on BFC provided the Crystal City 7-11 is still selling them. I’ll even thrown in a free electrocardiogram!

  5. Lisa says:

    Nice drawing!! Very detailed. This is my favorite one

  6. Can I still take you up on the 4Loko and electrocardiogram offer?

  7. Anit Remark says:

    This needs to be in the New Yorker.

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